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At Escuela Biling├╝e Pioneer, we are very fortunate to have a technology class built into our schedule.  Our students get two blocks of forty minutes a week to learn about technology.  During this time, students learn basic computer skills such as typing or login into different accounts.  They also learn more advanced skills and software that they use as presentation platforms.  These presentations reflect the work they do on a daily basis in their classrooms, and therefore, it is directly connected to the curriculum.  

Younger students also get introduced to software and educational games that are developmetally appropriate for their age and academic level.  We also have programs for those who seek a challenge.  Some examples of these programs are audio-visual projects or activities related to computer engineering.

In the technology class, we work from ISTE Standards endorsed by BVSD.  Furthermore, we use these standards to address the content classroom standards for each grade level.  This allows students  to make direct connections between technology and what they learn in their regular classrooms everyday.  In this hyperlink for the BVSD Technology Department you can find many of the programs and software that we teach at Pioneer.

You can find more information about our technology class and follow students progress in our technology website in English or in Spanish

Alberto Gaspar-Jimenez
Technology Teacher at Pioneer