The Art program at Pioneer strives to create an early appreciation and passion for art and extends the classroom curriculum through subject-related art projects. Students in the younger grades (K-2) are introduced to the basic elements of art via projects that explore line, texture, form, shape, color, composition and value. Older students (grades 3 - 5) are challenged with more complex projects using the elements of art and studying more artists and art-based careers.
    At Pioneer, the students will be discovering many things about the elements of art (color, line, shape, texture, and space) and the principles of design as the children draw, paint, sculpt, build, observe, and talk about art. There will be many different art materials and techniques used to communicate students ideas and feelings.  Students will be learning about artists and art from different cultures as well as having fun learning and making Art!​

    What can you do as a parent?​
    • Purchase items from Ar​​tsonia to support our art program.
    • Ask your child about art class.
    • Display your child's art projects with pride.
    • Keep a portfolio with all your child's artwork.
    • Frame and display your child's work in your home.
    • Volunteer to be an art room helper.
    • Donate interesting unwanted junk to the art department. 
    • Take your child to art galleries, art shows and museums.
    • If you are an artist or have an art specialty, volunteer to share your talent at Pioneer.​


    ​BVSD's Elementary Curriculum Essentials Document may be viewed at:  ​



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