Visual Arts

Meet our Art Teacher

Anna Villachica

Job Title: Teacher, Art
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-7882

My name is Anna Villachica. I am an artist, a mom and a teacher.  I love animals, nature and gardening.  I decided to become an artist when I was eight years old.  I began my artistic journey drawing animals.  Later, I moved into painting, sculpture and have just kept on learning all kinds of different art forms.  Most recently, I have learned how to do encaustic and welding.  

I became an art teacher to teach kids how to express themselves visually.  I like to introduce kids to new materials, new methods and new artists and let them explore.  My end goal is to show kids that art is a way you can use to communicate your ideas, thoughts and feelings.  I want them to be responsible artis and have a lifelong love of art.