Principal's Message

Welcome to Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer!

I want to start this letter by thanking you for everything that you are doing to keep our Pioneer Eagles learning. I know that this has not been easy at any level. And yet, I feel super hopeful and inspired by what our learning community can do when we work together. We are ROCKING Home Learning! 
As we close out the year, I need to ask you for a few favors. Please continue to communicate what you need from us to your student’s teacher (Pioneer Staff Directory).We can help!
The second favor is to please read and/or listen to the messages sent home from Pioneer. I know that you are inundated with electronic information. However, we have a lot to do together before the school year is over. I promise that I will try to be very brief and only send information that is important.
I will put Pioneer Principal in the subject line so that you know that the message is from me.
Finally, keep the feedback coming. I am trying to answer all the feedback that comes through me and I am sending your feedback and my responses to the staff to read. Remember, this feedback is anonymous, and the responses are unedited. 
Wishing you well,
Guillermo Medina
Principal Pioneer Elementary


Happy Day of the Child.
We LOVE our Pioneer students!

"Forget the failures. Keep the lessons.”  Dalai Lama