Susan Daly

    2nd Grade
    2nd grade

    I come from a big family of eight children! I have five sisters, 2 brothers and 20-some nieces and nephews. When we get together we know how to have fun! I am a very proud mamma of an adult son who just graduated from university and jumped right into an engineering job in California. I love to play soccer, hang out with my mom, laugh with my wild girlfriends, play loud music, talk on the phone with sisters, go to the theater and work in my yard with my little dog always somewhere nearby. I have been teaching in bilingual elementary schools for 28 years. I cherish the connections I make with my students and their families! I truly believe that children need to feel save and loved and that they belong to a caring community in order to learn and grow. It is my hope to provide my students with a loving environment in which they may thrive.